My choice of literature for Oslo sums up my year and present state of mind very well. 


The year started with developing a new theatre method together with Corinne: THE GHOST IS PRESENT. So, of course I brought Ibsens play GHOSTS to read and visit his old apartment and Ibsen Museum. After his death his wife has immediately put a glass wall in the office, to capture his spirit. Let’s find out if he is still there. 


STORYTELLING AFTER WORK. Together with Rasha I will design a story telling night in the world culture museum in Gothenburg, Sweden. 


THE SECRET LIFE OF TREES. Together with 3 tree friends and utopian activists, we started the project EUtopia FOREST in Brussels last year. It is designed as a European peace project and while working on a new Utopian plan, we want to develop and document our process of borderless thinking in critical times. In April, we will go on an inspirational research trip to Bosnia Herzegowina. 

DAS AMT FÜR UNLÖSBARE AUFGABEN (office for unsolvable problems) has a new awakening. The project investigates new ways of combining bureaucracy and creativity. We published a book on our findings and will start a second edition, because Matti and I will be part of an event for the city of Leipzig in April. 


RITUALS is this years topic of the PEACE FESTIVAL in Augsburg and my personal favorite thing to do lately. Moreover Nonti and I decided to create and draw our very own Oracle Cards and we are hoping to present a peace edition for the festival August 2020. 

LITERATURE Christina gave me plenty of books by her favorite Norwegian writer Ketil Bjørnstad. He is my literary entry ticket to Oslo in the end of the 19th century with its bohemians and Munch, so I am really looking forward to visit the Eduard Munch museum in Oslo.  


FAILS AND FUTURE. I am very excited about all the projects and how my year will be dedicated to ghosts, nature, rituals, traveling, working with friends and new learnings. However, there are of course also downsides. ROOM NUMBER 8, my European female collective, was not invited to Tokyo. Another application of mine got denied, where I applied for research money to go to Kirgisistan, in order to write the last chapter of my travel novel on FREEDOM. I did not finish directing the show on KARIN, because of artistic differences. There is ZEITGEIST and struggle in everything we do, as we try to follow our vision and intuition. Yet, there is so much joy, sparkle, inspiration, vibration and drive in the things that we truly love. And sometimes we have plan, but the universe has another one and what can I say; usually the universe wins.