Today I share a small extract from my application at Directors Lab Mediterranen...and fingers crossed that they will invite me ;)

Theatre is an experimental and safe space, which allows us to play with utopia and dystopia, in order to help us find out, who we wanna be. It questions the world. It heals. It creates identities. It offers alternative story lines. It can be honest, brutal and beyond beautiful at the same time. It can start a revolution in disguise. It’s disguise is the art itself. We pretend it is “only” theatre, but we, who have chosen the path of theatre know, that it is more real than life. 


Superpower #1 

We know that we are pretending. That liberates us from a lot of bullshit. 


Superpower #2

We know how powerful words are. The whole world is based on words. Every border, every law, every definition, every war, every peace and every thought is based on words. Our identity is based on words. The stories we tell one another is who we become. The lines we say are spells. 


Superpower #3

Theatre makers are sublime storytellers. We know how to be intimate, shocking, touching, moving and relevant. We will always adapt and find new ways and methods in order to be close to our audience. In order to stay relevant. 


Superpower #4 

We have more love than rules, more energy than anxieties and more questions than answers. We choose liberty over money and that makes us unpredictable. 


Superpower #5 

We don’t have any superpowers, but we do it anyways.