Ich liebe es Reden zu schreiben und zu halten. 


Impulsreden. Kreative Reden. Persönliche Reden. Manifeste. Laudidadatios. Traureden. Scheidungsreden. Politische Reden. Motivierende Reden.


You name it, I write it. 


Hier ein paar meiner Glanzlichter: 


re:publica, Berlin 

unicef Innovationcamp, Köln 

D.Con, Berlin 

Roy Preisverleihung, Auxburg 

Anders Denken, Hannover 












Without problems we wouldn’t need creative ideas. 


I think problems have an image problem, for it is problems that allow us to grow, become creative and overcome obstacles. 


Without a need for a wheel, we wouldn’t have invented it. 


In fact, if there are no problems, we invent them! And thats how much we need and love them! 


There was no need to travel to space, but we made it our problem.


The creator of ebay had a problem: he was a stay at home dad and needed to invent something along those lines. And he did. 


Therefore my first advice is:






Every problem is a question, saying: „Ok, this is a chance! How de we solve this?“ 


Or in my case the problems are often more outspoken and annoying, they usually say something like: 

„Ok, hm, I don’t know what I am doing here, and I don’t have time to question my identity right now, I just assume I am here for a reason. Have you invented me? Or am I an original thought…do you wann get ride of me..wait we can..!   


Problems can be annoying. YES. 


Therefore, we are very used to hiding our problems. Seriously, we are pathological when it comes to that. We ignore them, we pretend that they are not ours, we try to give them away, we deny the obvious, we start lying and we blame others.

My second advice is: 






Admit your problems!

To yourself!

To your client!

To your audience!

To the press!

To whoever matters the most. 


We have learned to fake it till we make it, but honesty is much more interesting. 

It is renewing, shocking, bonding, beautiful and allows for personal and professional growth. 


Admitting is the new WOW-Moment

Perfection is sooooo boring!


<Example: IKEA>


My next advice is something pretty obvious, but it is key, so listen, repeat or get a tattoo to always remember: 




Please! Fail, shock, surprise, try new things: but never copy paste boring formats. 


You find conferences boring? Why would you host one? 

You can’t stand your weekly meetings? Make it fun again. 

You hate the official language some people use? Why imitate it? Write a quote with each mail to entertain yourself. 

You have no ideas for the next pitch? Admit it and invite your client to a fishing trip to rethink the concept and find a new angle!


Being creative is a method which doesn’t start or stop at work. 



Mostly to yourself, because: 





As an artist/creative you can’t follow societies opinions and formats. I mean, you can, but that won’t make you a great artist, but a great imitator of trends. 


So, the question is: How to become a trendsetter? 


First of all: stop reading books about it!  Seriously, just stop! 


It is something that we find inside/within ourselves - and I am sure that a lot of artists and philosophers would back me up on that one. We need intuition, learn to trust our guts and find a way to share it. 


Finding a new FORM AT


is more fun than some people might think. You can do whatever you like! I fact, I strongly recommend not to do anything else. 


<Example Brecht high 3>


I have too more slights I wanna share with you: 





Because, now comes the tricky part. 


You have a problem (selvinvented or not - who cares;)


You a have - ideally - a unique idea to solve it..


How do we rescue ideas into reality? 


They look so beautiful and stunning in your heads, but as we help them to appear in real life, we often need to compromise a lot. 


This might be another speech so too shorten it: DON’T COMPROMISE  - WINK - TOO EARLY!!! 


Because and this is my last advice and approach: 





Our ideas belong to us!

Our lives belong to us!

Our time belongs to us! 


We can only disappoint ourselves. 


Not our clients!

 Not our colleagues!

Not our partners! 

Not our bosses! 

 Not our audience!


We can only disappoint ourselves. 


We know, if we have given it our best!

We know, if we have matched our stand-ARTs!


We know!


We have learned to trust into ourselves. 

We have learned to trust that problems are followed by ideas. 

We have learned to say the truth. 

We have learned to own ourselves. 



We know!





Thank you!